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Server Antivirus

Antivirus Firm an Antivirus Software Provide Server Security  Services in Delhi

Server Management monitoring and its security is a way of life and a life style. It is a set of procedures and policies that must be malleable, and yet followed consistently.

There is no such thing as a one time hardening just like there is no such thing as a one time anti-virus install. As new threats or attacks arise, it’s important that you never allow yourself to feel too safe or too secure, always check things out, always be open to learning new security philosophies, and always be on the look out for suspicious activity on your machines.

Server Protection products effectively protect your server environments from malicious attacks while keeping your servers at running at peak performance.

      • Prevents in-memory attacks
      • Application whitelisting further enhances performance
      • Antivirus provides automatic scanning exclusions
      • We support a broad range of platforms so you can protect every server in your organization. Along with Windows Server, Sophos Server Protection secures several popular flavors of Linux—including CentOS and Ubuntu—and Unix-based operating systems like HP/UX, Solaris and AIX.

download 2FirewallEndpoint incorporates a rules-based firewall, as well as an anti-malware technique that Symantec calls “generic exploit blocking”. The firewall is based on technology developed by Sygate Technologies, who were purchased by Symantec. Generic exploit blocking is a technique that attempts to proactively blocksmalware from exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities.

Proactive protection
Endpoint uses Symantec’s TruScan technologies to attempt detection of unknown malware. It analyzes both “safe” and “negative” behaviors of unknown applications. It also integrates Symantec’s Deepsight honeypot sensors to warn of emerging threats and provide threat advisories.Proactive Threat Protection feature is supported on server operating systems in version 12.1 and above.
Intrusion prevention
Endpoint is able to create and enforce rules on client computers. For example, it can prevent clients from writing files to a USB flash drive. Intrusion prevention also works as IDS. Policies are enforced by TruScan. The IPS functionality acts as a first line of defence against network based attacks
  • Store or share sensitive data on networks or servers
  • Have a network that consists of a variety of server points
  • Want the convenience of an easy to use central management dashboard