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Sophos Mobile Security Software

Sophos Mobile Security Softwarejyoti b copy

  • Sophos Mobile anti-virus that protects Android devices against malware, privacy issues and hardware loss—without reducing performance or battery life.
  • Sophos Mobile Security automatically scans apps as users install them, blocking undesirable software and malicious code that can lead to data loss and unexpected costs. In addition to safeguarding devices from malicious apps and other risks, Sophos Mobile Security locates lost or stolen Android devices and provides a remote lock to shield personal information from unintended users.
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  • System Requirment

  •  Protect mobile devices from malicious apps ableunnamed to steal data or create costs
  •  Manage all settings from your Sophos Mobile Control console
  • Protect your devices from malicious websites
  • Protect very important apps
  •  Privacy Advisor
  •  Security Advisor
  • Sophos Mobile Control manages and secures mobile devices, content, and applications with a user
  • Mobile Control provides an easy way to manage all your smartphones and tablets. Whether you deploy corporate devices 
  •  Manages and controls iOS, Android (including Samsung SAFE) and Windows Phone device
  • Protect your Android devices against malware and other threats The market dominance of Android devices and the inherent openness of Android has led to a dramatic increase in mobile malware. SophosLabs has detected over 1 million new pieces of malware in 2014 alone, and the growth rate is accelerating. For attackers, mobile devices are attractive: they are always on, often outside the secure company network, and are typically used for personal means. Malware can lead to data loss, reputation loss, cost spikes, and clogged performance. Sophos Mobile Security can prevent that from happening.
Supported operating systems

Aimagesndroid 4.0 and higher